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Hamas is ISIS

This website contains violent and graphic content that can be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Kill, beheaded, rape: Watch the war crimes and the true face of Hamas. Watch the horrors revealed after the massacre at the peaceful Nova Festival, How a rave celebrating life turned into frenzied massacre and thousands of innocents civilians, Israelis and foreign nationals were executed, A true massacre, a true war crimes by the Hamas terrorists.
Hamas is ISIS.

Massacre at a Music Festival

Young people who celebrated at the party are hiding from the terrorists

Young people dance before the terrible disaster

A survivor from the party tells of the horrors

Running from the dance floor

Escaping the party. Everyone around is already dead

Citizens hiding in trash cans

Abduction of a young man from the party

A survivor from the party tells of friends murdered and kidnapped

Israelis running for their lives

Israelis try to escape from the terrorists shooting at the party

Young people try to escape from the party, but were murdered by terrorists

Terrorists make sure the man is killed near the car

A video clip from a car of terrorists, during the massacre they did to civilians at the music festival

A young woman who was murdered at the party. Her friend tries to recognize her face

The day the music died

Terrorists at the festival area

A view from above of the ruins of the party

A young woman who celebrated at the party, speaks on the phone with her family and reports "I was shot, I love you"

Toilets after the murder

Toilets after the murder

Bodies from the Nova Festival

Bodies from the Nova Festival
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